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We Know Accidents Happen… Lots of Them!

You’d be surprised at how many people each day manage to drop their phones. Or crush their tablets. Or somehow damage their device in some way or another.
Whatever the cause, and whatever the outcome (cracked screen? crushed body?), your first step should be to bring it in to Drew’s Tech.

We Exist Because the Big Brands Don’t Like to Fix

If you’ve suffered through a damaged device scenario before, you may have tried to have the manufacturer take care of repairs. What you should know is that they’re pretty reluctant to repair phones, tablets, game consoles, or any other tech device that needs fixing.

That’s because they’d rather have you just go right on ahead and buy a new one.

For the sake of the environment (all those landfills filling up!)—no, for the sake of your wallet—repair your device instead of buying a new one.
We’re here to help with that: fast, friendly phone & tablet repair service (plus game consoles) from your local tech team right here in North Smithfield.
Oh, and we use OEM quality parts, too. Plus, all our repairs come with a warranty. Take that, device manufacturers!


The problem with phone insurance is that the company who sold you your device may often charge ridiculously high prices for repair jobs. Even then, you may still not trigger the insurance benefit because your deductible is so high!
It’s a device owner’s Catch-22 and it’s a darn shame. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Drew’s Tech services:
  • iPhone repair
  • iPad repair
  • iPod repair
  • Samsung Galaxy repair
  • Disc Resurfacing/Scratch Fix for CD's, DVD's, Video Games and Blu-Ray Discs
  • Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Video Game Console repair
  • Smart Home
  • TV Mounting
  • Pinball Machines
  • Arcade Machines

How to Never Pay for Screen Replacement Again

For you iPhone, your iPad, or your iPod, replacing your screen with us means you’ll never pay for another replacement. It’s the industry gold standard of lifetime warranties*, and it’s backed by our extremely competent, certified technicians who stand by the work they’re so proud to do for you, our customer.
*not including physical or liquid damage

Screen Repair Pricing Options


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